Strategy needs creativity

Porfessor Adam Brandenburger noticed business school students getting frustrated when learning strategy. With good reason. As these students knew, rigorous analytical tools only helped them in understanding an existing business context, and not necessarily how the world will look like tomorrow. The classical tools are essential to learn, but they also equip future employees and … Continue reading Strategy needs creativity

The time is now!

Don´t you want to finish that project, re-connect with that friend, start that new thing, or maybe make that idea into reality? Taking that first step is daunting, leaving most of us to postpone – or never do it. Here´s a quick tip on how to begin! Put your critical thoughts aside, and say as … Continue reading The time is now!

Why you should trust your gut in complex decision making

Imagine a judge sentencing someone to prison and afterwards saying: “I just went with my hunch”. Jaws would drop to the floor. And in this case, and line of work, you’re supposed to back up your decisions and conclusions with systematic analysis and conscious thought. In fact, in most professions this is what you’re supposed to … Continue reading Why you should trust your gut in complex decision making