Why you should trust your gut in complex decision making

Imagine a judge sentencing someone to prison and afterwards saying: “I just went with my hunch”. Jaws would drop to the floor. And in this case, and line of work, you’re supposed to back up your decisions and conclusions with systematic analysis and conscious thought. In fact, in most professions this is what you’re supposed to … Continue reading Why you should trust your gut in complex decision making

Posters with purpose

Would’t it be nice to have something cool on the wall that not only looks good, but does good as well?  More companies have started to realise that customers want products that have a “conscience”. Posters with Purpose donates 10 % of the sales price to Edesia and Pencils on Promise, two organizations providing nourishment and … Continue reading Posters with purpose

Your mood affects your creativity

Want to be more creative? Make sure you’re in a positive mood. Research shows that people in a good mood tend to be better at coordinating information, finding relationships among various stimuli and to finding creative solutions. Compared to test persons in negative mood states, they are also able to give unusual responses to neutral words during word association tests. … Continue reading Your mood affects your creativity