5 key communication tips during difficult times

Communicating wisely in uncertain times may create the foundation you need to stay future proof. Smart business leaders know that their employees are – alongside their product/service – their most valuable asset. When uncertainty becomes the new normal, it’s time to step up the communication game. Here’s my tips for strengthening value in the midst … Continue reading 5 key communication tips during difficult times

Strategy needs creativity

Porfessor Adam Brandenburger noticed business school students getting frustrated when learning strategy. With good reason. As these students knew, rigorous analytical tools only helped them in understanding an existing business context, and not necessarily how the world will look like tomorrow. The classical tools are essential to learn, but they also equip future employees and … Continue reading Strategy needs creativity

Why knowledge sharing should be your #1 priority

According to one study, 60 % of employees have had difficulties getting their colleagues to share information that’s vital to their work. That can be detrimental on many levels. We’ve all experienced it. Withholding or concealing information is still widespread, perhaps due to fear of losing power or the status you get from knowing “unique” … Continue reading Why knowledge sharing should be your #1 priority

Real innovation involves your entire company

People in key positions drive new thinking and innovation. But without the rest of the company involved, the chances are smaller to succeed. Harvard Business Review recently published the article “Real Innovation Requires more than an R&D Budget”. Having studied innovation for more than 25 years, Gina O’Connor believes that there is an overly narrow … Continue reading Real innovation involves your entire company

A note on team diversity

In a group setting, there’s a basic psychological need to make sense of each other in relation to one self.  Team diversity therefore poses challenges to group interaction and synergy. Van Knippenberg and Schippers propose to look at group diversity as two perspectives (2007). First, the information perspective looks at diversity at broadening the pool … Continue reading A note on team diversity