Being Businessworthy

Never heard of the word “businessworthy”? You’re not the only one. I first came across the term in 2014, when attending the Oslo Business for Peace Award. Each year, carefully selected CEOs receive recognition for their businesses that deliver beyond economic growth and shareholder value. Many companies have incentives like this, but how many make … Continue reading Being Businessworthy

The time is now!

Don´t you want to finish that project, re-connect with that friend, start that new thing, or maybe make that idea into reality? Taking that first step is daunting, leaving most of us to postpone – or never do it. Here´s a quick tip on how to begin! Put your critical thoughts aside, and say as … Continue reading The time is now!

Why you need to know about absorptive capacity

For creativity and innovation to manifest within a company, absorptive capacity is key. Organizational learning and knowledge creation ultimately help shape a company’s ability to innovate. Especially the knowledge flows across networks positively affect the organizational capabilities. But this knowledge creation are often restricted to parts of the organization sharing the same education and background, … Continue reading Why you need to know about absorptive capacity

Rethinking the 4 P’s

Most of us have heard about the four “golden” P’s in marketing: Product, Place, Price, Promotion. Nowadays, they’re probably outdated. When taking a marketing course, the four P’s are standard curriculum. At work, they’re a regular mention. Traditionally, these elements of the marketing mix are a core foundation you build your strategy on. However, they … Continue reading Rethinking the 4 P’s

Sustainability is the new game changer in business

Financial Times has published an interview with Al Gore, stating that “sustainability is history’s biggest investment opportunity”. That’s quite a bold but much needed statement, compared to traditional investment. Delivering fast results has a long history of being rewarded. Bringing money to the table quickly has been more important than how the money was made. … Continue reading Sustainability is the new game changer in business