A playful take on plastic

The family run organization Less Plastic UK has made a twist to the seriousness of plastic littering. Literally. Although being dead serious, Amanda Keetley from Devon, Great Britain, has made her environmental focus stand out by being playful. Other organizations might have made you feel bad or even bored by constantly focusing on guilt, the … Continue reading A playful take on plastic

Sustainability is the new game changer in business

Financial Times has published an interview with Al Gore, stating that “sustainability is history’s biggest investment opportunity”. That’s quite a bold but much needed statement, compared to traditional investment. Delivering fast results has a long history of being rewarded. Bringing money to the table quickly has been more important than how the money was made. … Continue reading Sustainability is the new game changer in business

Don’t just give them a paycheck – give them a purpose!

Attract and retain the part of the workforce who largely aligns company goals with their own. Research shows that employees who perceive their company to have a ”strong sense of purpose” also report high levels of company satisfaction. Amongst Millennial workers, this seems to be of outmost importance. According to Deliotte’s Millennial Survey of 2015, the … Continue reading Don’t just give them a paycheck – give them a purpose!

Collaboration overload

Too much teamwork can be bad for your business. Rob Cross, Reb Rebele and Adam Grant spent two decades researching the damaging effects of collaboration. How much time do you spend in meetings, answering emails and being on the phone? In some companies, it amounts to more than 80 % of one’s day. That leaves little … Continue reading Collaboration overload

Posters with purpose

Would’t it be nice to have something cool on the wall that not only looks good, but does good as well?  More companies have started to realise that customers want products that have a “conscience”. Posters with Purpose donates 10 % of the sales price to Edesia and Pencils on Promise, two organizations providing nourishment and … Continue reading Posters with purpose